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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Notes And Ideas From Week 1 Readings

*Younger generation aren't finding tv news of much interest. Their turning more towards Internet, Glass House, Panel etc type programs for news. Format needs to be upgraded to keep youth.
*Amateur video sited becoming a big interest and big business. They mean you can put your videos on the net.
*William Gibson - Sci-Fi Writer. Writes books involving ideas on technolog. A lot of computer realted things he envisioned in his books have become reality. EG. How computers would connect to each other instead of a profusion of keyboards and screens. Networks have since become the norm.
*Many ppl blogging under fake names as it gives them the option to express ideas/converse with other like minded ppl minus the repercussions.
*Spam on the net has increased. New viruses created to attack system so the compromise the security of a computer for personal gain.Once security is compromised hackers can get in and send spam everyone on the network.


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