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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Notes and Ideas From Week 2 Readings

*Authoritarian Model = Where Govt assert control & authority over mass media.
-This can be because some govts in poor and divided society feel if they can't control media their fragile or unable to assert authority. See media as a threat or a tool.
*Developmental Model = In developing nations Eg. Latin America "...leaders see mass media as a strong social force that should help these nations develop faster or in a more planned, efficient way" (Straubhaar, Joseph, LaRose, Robert, Communications Media in the Information Society, Wadsworth Publishing, p. 27)
*Free Press/Libertarian Model = Believes press should be free, uncensored and uncontrolled if it is to provide accurate info. To make citizens well informed there needs to be freedom of speach and expression.
*Social responsibility Model = Not controlled by govts or advertisers. This model is all about meeting public service responsibilities. Run by the people for the people.
*Gate Keepers decide what info people should get.
* Mass media set agenda for ppl who watch, read, listen to them as well as for public and govt discussion.


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