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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Week 2 - Critical Review Of Alphaville

This movie is indeed utterly baffling. I am finding it hard to follow in many was - I'm not sure if its because of the subtitles and the french maybe! But i am also finding it quite intruiging. The often sharp and dramatic music creates a great atmosphere throughout the movie. It keeps ou in suspense, always waiting for something to happen. I know the main charactere who is a private eye is looking for a scientist but i'm not sure why? Or what the scientist has to do with anything. The woman in the film - the detectives guide is stunningly beautiful and seductive. What are her motives, what is she in the movie for? Hopefully some of my questions begin to be answered and I can start to work things out.

As for the posting activity on the forum, the thing that i think attracts people initially to a post is obviously the title. If it is something of interest to you then of course you will look and comment.


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