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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Week 2 - Introduction

Hey My name is Hayley!

I am a 20y.o. from Esperanc in WA. I moved to Brissy in June last year to start uni here at Griffith. I live in East Brisbane and come down from there for uni here, as this is the only place one of my majors is offered. I work at a club in the city when i am not at uni so that keeps me very busy!
My interests include sports and outdoor activities, i also love photography and watching the occasional movie. I am really intrested in travelling as well, and take up and opportunity i can to travel where ever i can. I have been to Thailand twice and New Zealand once. I was in Thailand for a month in April last year and attended ANZAC Day there for the second time. I am also going back this year in mid semester break for ANZAC Day and to realx for a while. I've travelled around lots of Australia, and managed to be in 4 different states last month :) I go down to Byron every opportunity i get because i love to see live music and The Great Northern always has great gigs on. Noosa is also a favourite spot to go and lie on the beach!

Now...To the course...
I wasnt sure what to expect and was a bit shocked at first at how everything involvesx computers!!! But am glad that it does, as hopefully this will help me with my often limited computer skills :) The communication studied will definitely help me in everyday life and in the future. I will definitley be a bit more up with computer technology and that is definitely not a bad things in this time where everything is done with computers. Ive never blogged before but it sounds quite fun and is something different so i'll give it a go!!!


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