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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Notes and Ideas From Week 4 Readings


This is a story about computer hackers - Bobby was a cowboy who worked with ICE - Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics. "The matrix is an abstract representation of the relationship between data systems."-Automatic Jack - Works on and organises hardware and programs.
*Burning Chrome = The Chrome in the title is the name of another character. She is the leader in computers, hacking etc, everything involved. She is rich, very powerful and influential. To burn her was to take her down, infiltrate her systems and take her money, too be smarter than her. They had to burn through Chromes programs without her catching them.
*Bobby believes he needs a muse (a female one) to achieve his greatness, hence Rikki.
*They put Chrome upon a pedestal. In a castle. She owned 'The House of Blue Lights', which is a brothel.
*Rikki wants to be famous and become part of the sim stim generation. She needs Ikons which are fake eyes, they are very costly.
*"It took 6 weks to set the burn up". Bobby and Jack burn Chrome. They break through all her computer programs, steal her money and wreck Chrome. They filter a lot of the money into offshore accounts and lot's to charities. It turns out Rikki was working at the house of blue lights to get the money for her eyes.


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