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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Week 4 - Scavenger Hunt

1. What is the weight of the world's biggest pumpkin?

World's record for the largest fruit is a mammoth 1061 pound pumpkin.

waynesword.palomar.edu/plmay99.htm VIA

2.What is the best way (quickest, most reliable) to contact Grant Hackett?

Miami Swimming ClubPO BOX 2461BURLEIGH QLD 4220

http://granthackettonline.free.fr/?page_id=107 VIA http://www.altavista.com/

3. What is the lenght of a giraffe's tongue?

A giraffe can extend its tongue for as much as 45 cm (18 in)

http://encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761561060/Giraffe.html VIA http://encarta.msn.com/

4. How would you define the word "ontology"? In your own words, what does it really mean?

The metaphysical study of the nature of being and existence. It is studying life

http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=ontology VIA http://www.metacrawler.com/

5. What was David Cronenberg's first feature film?

Cronenberg's first effort was a 1966 short film called "Transfer," about a psychiatrist being stalked by a patient.

http://www.salon.com/people/bc/1999/11/30/cronenberg/ VIA http://www.metacrawler.com/

6. When was the original "Hacker's Manifesto" written?

The Hacker's Manifesto was written by The Mentor. The Mentor wrote it shortly after his arrest. It appeared in Phrack, Volume One, Issue 7, Phile 3, on January 8, 1986

http://www.yak.net/fqa/120.html VIA http://www.altavista.com/

7. Why do all the phone numbers in Hollywood films start with "555"?

*In 1994, the North American Numbering Plan Administration began accepting applications for nationwide 555 numbers (outside the fictitious 555-01XX range). This would mean that a consumer from any area code could dial a seven-digit number such as 555-TACO, and the owners of that number could connect the call to the taco vendor nearest to the consumer. However, according to a 2003 New York Times article, the desired functionality requires the cooperation of local phone authorities, and most phone vendors have been reluctant to cooperate, perhaps wary of undermining the lucrative business of selling toll-free telephone numbers.
*555 isn't a real phone number, so movie makers are ensuring that they do not give out a genuine phone number in a movie. Imagine the potential for litigation if they did give out a genuine number!

http://www.answerbag.com/c_view.php/62#q_16094 VIA http://www.metacrawler.com/

8. What is the cheapest form of travel from Crete to Rhodes?

By Foot!!!! I would assume :) Then hitch-hiking

9. What song was top of the Australian Pop Charts this week in 1965?

Week ending the 27th March it was I'll Never Find Another You, The Seekers

http://www.onmc.iinet.net.au/top/1965.htm VIA http://www.metacrawler.com/

10. What Brisbane band was (still is?) Stephen Stockwell a member of?

He played the keyboard and wrote songs for Brisbane Punk band The Black Assassins.

http://www.gu.edu.au/text/school/art/staff/stockwell.htm VIA http://www.altavista.com/


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