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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

End of Blog and Course - What I Got Out Of The Course

Wow, the semester is finally finished and so has this blog.

I have got a far deal more out of this course than i expected. Coming into the course i was not a big technology or computer fan. Now i'm not saying this has change all that much. But the course has definitely opened my eyes up. I have read some interesting material i would never in a million years have touched otherwise, and i have developed on what i already knew about some software programs i use everyday. I think for me my favourite part of the blog was working with my photos and photoshop. It was great to get some colour and life into my blog, and i really enjoyed working with photoshop to manipulate my images. Some ahd some interesting results. Its just great to be able to widen your horizons and ahve a look at all the amazing technology around that we do not embrace or give credit too. It was also good to start a blog and see how it works. Now i know i think i will have to start my own personal one in the future, for friends and family to access.

Thanks to Bena nd the teaching team for an interesting semester.



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