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Monday, May 15, 2006

Notes And Ideas From Week 11 Readings

Up Close and Personal; Counselling on the Net

*Counsellors are having reservations about counsilling becoming available on the net. What about Doctor/Patient Relationships?
*Ppl can establish relationships through chat rooms - so why not receive their conselling via it.
*F2F Counselling - non-verbal cues observed, trust, you can't do this over the net.
*Some ppl find it easier to forge relationships via the net.
*Younger ppl in particular have embraced the idea of Net Counselling as they have more to do with the net and technology.
*Realtime Counselling - Direct over the net eg. on MSN
*Delayed/Offset Conselling - Not direct eg. by email.
*If your not a good typer, net counselling can be long and tedious - inaffective.
*Ppl feel secure not ahving to talk f2f, especially in sexual abuse cases. Not having to see each other means the client/counsillor relationship can form a lot faster and progress can be quicker.
*Over the net counselling means both parties has a copy of waht has been said.
*Stress and relationship/marriage conselling not suitable for the internet.
*As of yet no proof of efficiency of net counselling

The Digital Sublime - Myth, Power and Cyberspace

Chapter 2 - Myth and Cyberspace

*Common view, "that computer communication is bringing about and info revolution that liks ppl and places around the world in instantaneous comm and makes the production of info and entertainment a central political and economic force.
*Mosco believes, like in the case of electricity, the computer will not reach its greatest social impact until it leaves mythology and enters banality. When it withdraws into the woodwork.


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