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Monday, May 01, 2006

Notes And Ideas From Week 6 Readings

Show and Tell - Debra Beattie

*Debra Beattie received some funding to make a doco on her Dad, a QLD policeman.
*Beattie was successful in an application for a new initiative from the OZ film Commission. On Line Documentary.
"My journey to know my Dad had been a life long obsession for me, but not one i cared to make public. I decided however if this was the only way to get the story told, then i'd do it". Debra Beattie

The Art Of Real Time - Daniel Palmer

*Real Time started with the emergence of instantaneous communication. Eg. telegraph, tv
*Real Time Screens = those capable of instant changes in output and interaction.
*Real Time typically associated with computers, now tv entering.


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