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Monday, May 01, 2006

Notes And Ideas From Week 7 Readings

Trigger Happy
The Inner Life Of Videogames

*"There seems to be a fear that videogames are somehow nudging out other art forms, and that we're encouraging a generation of screen-glazed androids with no socail skills, poetical sensitivity or entrepreneurial skills".
*Late 80's early 90's Nintendo and Sega came to the forefont. Leader of video games invention and popularity.
*1989 - Nintendo launch Gameboy.
*1995 - Launch of Sony Playstation - blew every other game console away.
*1997 - Nintendo Launch, Nintendo '64. No competition to playstation, it didn't have the software.
*Video games now aimed at the disposable income of adults. Av Age 21
*Sony started to put dance music on their video games. Aimed for the dance culture crowd, proved very popular.
*1996 - Enter Lara Croft. Revolutionary. Changed everyting. Record Sales.
*Videogames have the potential to become an artform.


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