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Monday, May 01, 2006

Notes And Ideas From Week 9 Readings

"How To Recongnise The Future When It Lands On You" - Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution.

*This article is on Howard Rheingolds predictions for the future of technology.

*Technology is advancing. Companies just have to realise and join in. Eg. Wireless Net.

*PC and internet breakthroughs will come from amateurs, from the fringes.

*Capability of mobiles ever increasing. Costs of mobiles decreasing, due to things like computer chips getting cheaper as they grow more powerful.

*"The 'People Power II' smart mobs in Manila who overthrew the presidency of President Estrada in 2001 organised demostrations b forwarding text messages via cell phones". - This is unreal! It is amazing how much power the mobile phone and its users have gathered. It is so quick and convenient. (From page xvii of the article)

*"Don't mistake my estimated of the power of the coming technology with unalloyed enthusiasm for its effects. I am not calling for an uncritical embrace of the new regime, but for an informed consideration of what we're getting ourselves into. We have an opportunity now to consider the social implications of this new technological regime as it first emerges, before every aspect of life is recorded". (From page xviii of the article) - This statement says it all. I thought this was brilliant. Rheingold tells us that we should perhaps throw some caution to the wind instead of just accepting all new technology. In the end if we don't, then we have no one to blame but ourselves if things go pear shaped.


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