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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Week 10 - Chatting on the Internet


I use MSN all the time at home. It is a convenient way to chat with people all around the world. I chat with friends in Canada, America, Germany and Israel plus heaps more. It was a convenient way of chatting to my best friend when she was overseas. It let me know when she was on-line so we could start chatting straight away. It is linked with my hotmail account which makes it even better! I can be checking emails and know who of my contacts is on-line as a person appears next to their emails. It is so easy to use! I can put my own pictures up for my friends and family to see and can add comments for people to read. You can be quite creative if you want. Msn is nothing too technical and that is why i like it and use it so much, its simple.


I have never used anything like this before. I actually didn't know something like this even existed! I'm not interested in chat rooms and talking to people i don't know. I only use msn to talk to friends and family. So this was an experience of a totally different kind.



*MSN allows me to chat only with people i have added to my contact list and people who i have let add me to theirs.
*It has video conversation.

*It is 2D, the graphics are simple, but user friendly.
*You can send files and photos and let your friends see what music your listening to.


*Active Worlds, is a Virtual Reality experience. the program lets you visit and chat 3D worlds built by other users. You can also create your own virtual reality game or world - Which is apparently simple! Other people can then visit these worlds and chat in them.
*"The Active Worlds Universe is a community of hundreds of thousands of users that chat and build 3D virtual reality environments in millions of square kilometers of virtual territory." (
*Active Worlds allows you to shop online in our own 3D virtual reality mall and chat with store clerks! Wow this is really wacky :)
*You can explore over 1000 unique virtual worlds
*You can make new friends and chat with people from all over the globe - Msn allows you to chat with people from all over the globe, but isn't so much about making new contacts, as conversing with one's you know already and approve of.
*You can play interactive 2D and 3D games
*You canChoose from a vast range of avatar identities and chat with other avatars.


MSN socialising is totally different. You socialise with friends and family. People you have added to your contacts and want to catch up with. I think it is far less threatening! You know and have met these people, they are generally people who surround you in your everday environment. And you can talk to them about everyday things. You don't have to be vary of giving out details or giving too much info away as you know them. You generally talk with them to discuss what is going on in your lives, you can be truthful and feel safe to share info with them. MSN is great because you can socialise by instant talk or you can send them photos, files or play games. The socialising that goes on here is of a safe and frindly kind. It is an environment you know you can share things in and be protected.

Many people who use Active World may know other users quite well, from having conversations with them in the past. However, generally they do not know them in real life. They have met on-line and their whole world they share together is an on-line one. Talking to people you don't know on-line feaks me out, hence why i don't do it. I just find it too unsafe. I'm sure their are heaps of nice people using the chat rooms, but there are heaps of bad ones as well, who prey on people and are mean or sexually explicit for kicks. I find this scary and for me this out weighs the good aspects of meeting people in chat room. Plus i would much rather chat to people i know and see than strangers. I wouldn't socialise with these people away from the net, so i wouldn't bother to talk to starngers on the net. The socialising is different becasue people are strangers. This may allow them to be more daring or sexual with their socialising, because no-one knows them. Totally different to MSN. A lot of the people using Active World may be extremely computer literate. As you can build your own worlds etc. The average person would not have the interest or expertise to do this.

It was interesting to look at different types of chatting on the internet. I discovered types of chatting i never even knew existed! But i think i will stick with the old tried and tested MSN!


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