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Monday, May 15, 2006

Week 11 - Using Microsoft Excel

I use ecxel quite a bit. Mainly just to make up calendars and timetables and trivial things. I rarely use ir for calculations. So i had for gotten how to do it! So excercise 2 was a good refresher exercise for me. Excercise one was very basic and simple. Excercise 3 with the graphs i found easy as i have used the tables and graphs sections before. Its good to go over this though because it helps to pick up any small thing tat i could ahve forgotten.

The advanced exercise 1: macros was more of a challenge. I have never had to use macros before or learnt about it. So it showed me something totally new and challenging. Being able to use something like macros would definitley save valuable time in the workplace and at home if you are a big user of excel.

This is a very useful software program. It is good beacause it allows you to document stats and mathematical processes in a very neat and convenient way. I find excel pretty easy to use. Well the parts of it i know and use. However i can see there is a lot to it that i have to learn, that would really help me out in the long term.


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