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Monday, May 01, 2006

Week 7 - Photo Shop Part 2


This picture represents friends, because these are some of my friends with me at my birthday. I loved the effect i have created using photoshop. We were out at a club and this sort of technique has a real night clubby vibe to it. It looks like some sort of lighting.


A COCKTAIL Yum! High Tech because it takes longer than the average drink to make. I t requires more than one type of alcohol, ice, different fruits and possible multiple garnishes. It must be muddled, stirred or shaken, and takes a lot of knowledge and effort to make. It's an art form!


This was news to me, even if too no-one else. a friends sister got married and she was one of the bridesmaids, so she sent me a photo from the wedding.


My friend Karine in Hawaii. you can't get a more summer location than that. As you can see by the blue sky, palm trees and frangipani flower in her hair.


Let the cocktail making competition begin!!!!!


Being pulled behind a boat, connected to a parachute!!! Whats conventional or normal about that :)


Ben Lee at one of his concerts, promoting his new album AWAKE IS THE NEW SLEEP. "Cos that's the way he likes it"


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