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Monday, May 01, 2006

Week 9 - Using Microsoft Powerpoint

I use microsoft power point with uni all the time when i have an in-class presentations. I think that i'm ok with the use of it. Definitely not an expert but have some idea how things work.

Exercise 1 was very basic, it was just the usual thing i would use in powerpoint.

Exercise 2 was really useful. I have never bothered to tailor a presentation, so wasn't really competent with the custom animation menu. I found it interesting to see what I could actually do. In the future where it warrants it, I will try and use these new skills I have acquired. It's little thing like these that make presentations far more proffessional and make me seem far more competent.

I find the microsoft programs great to use as well, because they have a good help menu. You can usually find something on it that will help you out in some way.


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